Utrecht #2

With the holidays on our doormat I thought it was time for a good old shopping trip in one of my favorite cities, Utrecht!

A new store opened recently, Tiger, and my friend Lucia and I were very curious about what they had in store for us :).

Tiger is a Danish company so I expected to enter a Scandinavian dream. Though I thought it was a very nice store with a lot of cute products, it wasn't really what I expected. I thought it was quite similar to our Dutch Xenos and Expo stores, perhaps a little more fancy, but not typically Danish if you know what I mean ;).

Nevertheless I had fun browsing the silly and cute items, like a singing flamingo and cute owl wallets.

I bought a couple of very practical things like clothing hangers, cute wrapping paper and some sewing supplies in a cute tin.

After visiting all of our favorite places it was time to sit back and relax in KEEK! An organic lunchroom where everything is homemade. I hadn't been there before, and I thought it was most lovely!

After taking a peek at their delicious menus we went for the vegetarian pea soup, homemade lemonade and chai tea.

And it was so good, heavenly even ;)! There's nothing better than a delicious cup of soup in cozy surroundings after shopping in cold weather. Visit KEEK if you're in Utrecht, you won't be disappointed.

And who do we have here? We ran into this little feller on our way back. Isn't he the most precious? French bulldogs are so cute, have you seen Kelly's frenchy Wilfred?

After many oooohs, aaaahs, iieeeehs and some happy snores it really was time to go home. Feeling very content with our bags and pockets full of cuteness we entered the bus home where we could enjoy our scored goodies.

The sewing supplies I bought in Tiger. I really have more than enough sewing supplies but couldn't resist the cute tin ;).

♡ Nikki


  1. Oh thank you for the tips! Last time "TIger" was not open yet, so this is a good reason for a day in Utrecht ;-)

  2. Oooh! This gives me plenty of reasons to go to Utrecht too! I haven't been in like forever... Must check out Keek, it looks divine!
    And LOVE the sewing tin. I totally understand why you bought it ;)

  3. LOOOVE Tiger! And bought that tin as well :)

  4. Oooh my goodness, THOSE WALLETS! So so cute. Lovely post!

  5. Ik heb zes jaar in Utrecht gewoond: ook mijn favoriete stad! Ik ben ook heel benieuwd naar Tiger! Zitten toch ook in Arnhem? Ben daar al eens binnengelopen en vond dat super leuk :)

  6. Ik hou van Utrecht (en zo fijn dat daar nu ook de Tiger zit!) Ik ben verliefd op die boekjes met dat hertje...zo te zien moet ik snel weer naar Utrecht ;-)

  7. Weet je wat nou het grappige is? Ik had jou dus volgens mij gezien in Keek en nu ik een oude blog van je zoek (over dagjes weg en tips daarvoor op internet) zie ik deze foto en ik sta er gewoon op :) Ik ben dat meisje achter die laptop links in beeld. Hihi. Grappig! We'll meet again soon! x