Joris surprised me last Saturday with a bouquet of red flowers. This got me thinking a little about the color red... There isn't much red in my house. I think red and I have a bit of a love/hate relationship. One moment I love it and the next moment I think it's way to bright and prominent.

Two winters ago I bought a red coat and boots and wore them practically everyday (and still).

But in my home the color red is nowhere to be found, except for this little stack of books...

Quite strange how I do wear red often, but don't allow it in my interior...

I hope my friend Lies does like the color red in her interior, last Saturday I crocheted these red tomato coasters for her birthday :)

I'm kind of proud of how they turned out...

And the flowers... well the flowers can stay ;). Do you like red?

♡ Nikki


  1. I love red-not to wear-but in my house-give's me a warm feeling-like that. Wishing you a lovely red monday and a great week. xxx Sil.

  2. Red is a 'difficult' color -it really depends on my mood and the weather if I'll be wearing red or not. In my house is not much red tho. More deep purples and pinks with the occassional red thrown in.
    But I love the idea of a red coat! I'd love to feel like Little Red Ridinghood all during Winter :)

  3. I like red a lot, especially red with white dots ;-)

  4. I've got a pair of red boots too and they make so many outfits!
    After about 5 years of wear and tear, I think it's time to retire them so I'm on the lookout for some replacement boots

  5. Had jij niet onlangs een haakcursus gevolgd? En dan nu al zulke leuke dingen haken, goed zeg!
    Ik heb ook niet echt rood in m'n interieur. Wel een rode zomerjas (2 zelfs) en wat andere kledingstukken. Mijn ouders daarentegen hebben een ontzettend mooie rode muur in de woonkamer!

  6. Die onderzetters zijn gaaf, super goed gelukt joh! En ik ben ook niet van het rood in huis. In mijn kledingkast is ook niet veel roods te vinden, maar vind het dan wel weer leuk op mijn nagels.

  7. I LOVE the tomato coasters! They are perfection! I personally love red...I wear it a lot and my kitchen is red, as are the accents in my living room!

  8. Rood laat zich goed fotograferen in ieder geval! Prachtig!

  9. Hello Nikki, thank you so much for the follow - your blog is absolutely gorgeous! Looking forward to seeing future posts! <3

  10. My all time favourite colour! I love everything in red ;D