I have a new motto. 'If you can't buy it, make it yourself'! My new crochet skill comes in real handy, I successfully finished two pretty bows.

One for in my hair, and one for on my previously boring coat.

I also tried my hand at making pom pom's. I found it quite difficult. I kept accidentally tearing pieces of tissue paper that needed to stay attached to my pom pom, and they have a bit of a strange shape :), but I like them anyway. It was fun to do!

A while back I spotted a beautiful old type writer on the blog of Yvestown. I instantly craved one, so I turned to our local Ebay, 'Marktplaats'. Imagine my enthusiasm when I spotted one exactly like it! Seeing as I can't make my own old type writer, I figured I was allowed to break my new motto ;) and made an offer.

It's so pretty. It even works, though the ink is a little dry. Joris went crazy with it, wanting to figure everything out and marveling about the technique (that's what you get with a physics teacher I guess).

Know some other cute DIY's for me :)?

♡ Nikki


  1. great find on that typewriter!!! it's so cute! and your pompom looks awesome :)
    xo dana

  2. Leuk dat haken, ik heb hetzelfde motto haha ;D Moet alleen nog leren haken!

    Ik heb ook een blauwe remmington typmachine, staat ook gewoon leuk in huis :]

    En wat een leuk nieuws trouwens over de shop ruimte die je van je moeder krijgt, gefeliciteerd!

  3. I love crocheting! I learned a few months ago and I can't put my hook down (except for the past two days, but I'm itching to get at it).
    Your bows look super pretty, good job. :)

    <3 Ashlynn.

  4. ooohh, i love all those colors of yarn together! the little bows are soo adorable :)

  5. Be careful, 'make what you cannot buy' soon turns into 'don't buy what you can make' and you'll be busy... :D

  6. Die strikjes zijn liehief! Die wil ik ook al zo lang eens maken :) En hoe leuk is het als je zelf je spulletjes kunt maken, dat blijkt maar weer!

  7. pas op; haken is zeer verslavend! Prachtige oude Remington.

  8. Those bows and pom poms are so pretty! And I LOVE the typewriter! I am actually a little bit obsessed with vintage typewriters. I have one that is teal and white - I do love it so!

    Katie x

  9. Die strikjes zijn heel leuk! Als broche of in je haar. En ik wil ook een typmachine, jouw exemplaar is fijn hoor. Babyblauw is een mooie kleur.

  10. Aweeeee I love everything about your blog! So glad I found it! You take stunning photos! I actually just did the tissue poms as well and my first few tore a lot but eventually I seemed to get the hang of it and they started to look more round and not so much like a spastic cat had gotten at them! Xo Lori