In October...

My sweet kitties made their appearance on World Animal Day...

I wore a cute apron and one of my favorite skirts for Dress Up...

I visited the Fun Fair and took home a Mr. Jummy...

I scored some cute socks and bought Dottie Angel's book, which I adore. Sadly I've already finished it, but I'm still going to use the tutorials in it, which are awesome...

Magnificent things were found during thrifting...

I experimented with a Polariod 340 land camera, and fell in love with the results...

And last but certainly not least, I learned how to crochet, I met the lovely Lisa and browsed her cute shop Elle Aime...

In the September monthly review I wrote that my mom is moving to my town. There is more exiting news on this front I've been dying to share! The house my mother bought has a little office space with a separate entrance. She isn't going to use that space for a while, and my mom is so sweet to let me set up a whole new craftroom in there! I'm so exited about this, I get to decorate it the way I love and I'm even thinking about turning it into a little shop! It's a big step towards achieving my dreams and goals and therefore I'm so thankful to have the sweetest mom on earth. I'm going to start painting and decorating in December, so I'll keep you guys posted :)!

♡ Nikki


  1. congratulations on the craftroom/possible shop! i'm so jealous, and even more happy for you! i'm looking forward hearing about and seeing the process!

  2. Aw thank you Stina, that's sweet of you :)!

  3. Oooooh a new craft space, that is SO exciting! :D Would love to see what you are going to do with/to it :)
    PS My Etsy shop is now open, yay! :)

  4. Amazing news! Can't wait to see. By the way, do you have two tuxedos or is it the same cat twice in your photo? I feel as though it's two cats... :) anyways, very cute!

  5. Thank you Molly! Those are different cats :), I actually have three!

  6. Wat leuk!! Je hebt inderdaad een schat van een moeder, heel veel succes en plezier de komende tijd met de voorbereidingen.


  7. Leuke foto's en gefeliciteerd! Als je winkel/workshop er net zo uit gaat zien als je blog wordt het zeker een succes. Zo'n creatieve en kleurige vibe; heel leuk :) In welke plaats staat je (toekomstige) winkel? Dan plan ik er alvast een dagje uit naar toe ;)

  8. Wat goed en fijn nieuws!! :)

  9. Hi, I just discovered your blog, it's so lovely!! Ik ben Nederlands, maar woon in Canada. Wat leuk om op deze blog post terecht the komen en een kijkje in te leven te kunnen nemen. Je katjes zijn erg schattig! Wat lief van je moeder dat je de ruimte mag gebruiken, ben benieuwd naar wat je ervan maakt!