Dress Up #14

I have some new vintage pretties I can't wait to show you...

Like this cardigan from Froufrou's, it's so quirky and flowery. When I saw it I had to have it!

And my wonderful new dress from Diversitijd, which came in the mail today together with another very pretty dress and cute owl brooch. This one fits like it was made for me and I love the color!

Cardigan: Froufrou's | Dress: Diversitijd | Belt: Cricketcapers | Tights: h&m | Shoes: Hasbeens/h&m | Parrot Earrings: Marbles Vintage 

♡ Nikki


  1. pretty pretty! the colors in this outfit are YUM. and, I need some clogs pronto!

  2. that is a great dress! and it looks perfect with those tights!

  3. Die cardigan, ik ben verliefd! :)