Fun Fair and Mr. Jummy

Yesterday I visited the Fun Fair again, this time armed with my camera and some cash.

I was really anxious to try out my heart bokeh technique with all those colored lights at the fun fair, I took a couple of cute shots!

I was determined to go home with this little feller:

His name is Mr. Jummy and he's kind of famous in Holland due to television commercials for a cookie brand:

I don't know the exact translation of the machine Mr. Jummy was in, but the idea is to try and grab the things in the machine with some sort of claw (after you throw way too much money in it of course). After lots of failed attempts at snatching a Mr. Jummy my friend Lucia came to the rescue and grabbed two! One for me and one for her :).

Mr. Jummy is now contently sitting on the couch, on one of my latest thrift finds I might add (a super pretty crocheted blanket for €5,00 can you believe that?) waiting for new adventures :).

♡ Nikki


  1. Awesome:)

    I hadn't tried a grab machine until I was about 14, when there was a fair op het Stadionplein in Amsterdam, I decided to give it a go. So I browsed all the machines to see which one I wanted to win(a "me to you"-bear with a picture frame), there were some girls there, who had tried a bunch of times but failed. They were still kinda standing there, disappointed, when I came in and got it the very first time! I'm still super happy with it:)

    Anyway, Mr. Jummy looks great in your home!

  2. I love your Bokehs! :) We have so many of those machines at stores and things like that, but I can never win.
    Mr. Jummy is adorable!

  3. Your heart bokeh pictures turned out awesome!

  4. Mooooie foto's! En mr. jummy is een schatje :) Ik vind die grijpers altijd verschrikkelijk haha

  5. owww de hartjes foto's zijn erg mooi!! En gefeliciteerd met je veel te dure winst ;)

  6. I love that bokeh! I've just decided that I'm going to try it myself this week :)

  7. knap hoor, is mij nooit gelukt!