Dress Up #13 and Bangs

Oops, chopped off my toes, ah well :). My outfit today is one of my latest faves. The top is actually a little vintage dress, but a real short one! I always wore it with pants underneath but it's actually pretty nice with a skirt over it too. And I love this skirt because it hides my chubby tummy.

I need to get my bangs cut... but I'm afraid to! Every time I go to a hair dresser I end up regretting it or my hair ends up different than I want it to be. I've tried cutting my bangs myself a couple of times but that was even more of a disaster. I wonder if straight bangs would look nice on me.. what do you think :)?

Outfit Details:

Top/Dress: Episode | Skirt/Belt/Tights: h&m | Shoes: Vintage/Marktplaats | Little bow in hair: Fovever21 | Necklace: Primark

♡ Nikki


  1. Leuk leuk leuk weer!! :)
    En ik weet alles van het drama wat kapper heet.... grrr..

  2. This outfit is SO pretty! You look lovely (and I want that skirt!)

    I completely understand your worries about getting your hair cut. I have had so many bad experiences with hairdressers. Three years ago (after my last TERRIBLE hair cut) I decided enough was enough and I just stopped going. I started cutting my own hair and even though I'm sure any proper hairdresser would be horrorfied by the way I do it, I'm happy with it!

    Katie x

  3. you look so cute! and do the straight bangs! i just got mine cute like that and i LOVE them.