Through the Viewfinder

Look what came in the mail today :)! For a while I've seen the letters 'TTV' (Through the viewfinder) passing by on Etsy and blogs, with these gorgeous vintage photo's. I was very curious about what TTV meant and found out that these were photo's taken through the viewfinder of an old camera with a regular camera. I know this sounds a little crazy, but the results can be quite amazing!

Camera's used for TTV photography are camera's with a large viewfinder like this Kodak Duaflex from the fifties. There's also the 'Rolleiflex' or the 'Voigtländer' and probably more. I instantly needed one and being too impatient to thrift one I went to Marktplaats (a Dutch sort of Ebay) and found this Duaflex for a really great price.

Apart from it being this gorgeous, cute, tiny and very old camera, it's still usable and that's awesome! Not only for TTV photography, I need to get my hands on 620 film (which isn't made anymore though)...

I already tried taking some pretty photo's through the viewfinder, but it's not as easy as I thought. I probably need to build some sort of contraption like this one to make it more successful :). Here are the results:

I'm so looking forward to experimenting with this cute camera :)!

♡ Nikki


  1. how amazing is that photography :) it's almost like you were transported back in time.

  2. Leuk! Jaren geleden heb ik het ook een tijdje gedaan. Je moet inderdaad een zwarte kartonnen 'koker' maken om doorheen te fotograferen. Succes!

  3. Such a cute little camera! And I love the "fuzzy" pictures<3

  4. That is a beautiful camera! I just got a kodak brownie camera and did the same thing with mine. I would love to see you use 35mm in it!

  5. that camera is so cute! i have been wanting one like it. i can't wait to see the images you get once you get the hang of it! the first ones were already cute!

  6. Ah! Ik zie het al! Wat ontzettend cool (Oooww als ik toch meer tijd had, dan zou ik wel 100 camera's bezitten, zo leuk die experimenten!)