Lomo Saturday

A big black hairy monster...

I dived into the Lomo Archives today for some never shown film ;). This big black hairy monster is 'Geesje' the sweetest dog ever and living in Joris's parents home.

Geesje was born on a farm about 9 years ago after the 'Friese Stabij' (Stabyhoun) from Joris's grandfather and a neighbor dog Briard had a secret meet up.

Geesje looks a lot like her Dad the Briard, these type of dogs have a huge herding instinct and I remember a story about Geesje breaking loose and accidentally herding a flock of sheep near Joris's parents house. She herded the sheep all the way up the dike to a different lawn and even went back because she left one behind!

Geesje also has some character traits from her mother the Stabyhoun. These type of dogs were used for guarding (she is very protective) and hunting small animals like rats and moles. Geesje is incredibly strong and fast, Joris sometimes 'walked' her on his bike. She ran and he just sat on his bike doing nothing, she pulled him and she loved it. I remember one time when I was walking her, it was a little dark outside and she saw something moving. She reacted immediately taking a plunge forward almost causing me to fall in the ditch if I didn't grab on to a nearby pole. Walking Geesje is always an adventure :).

She isn't as strong and fast anymore as she used to be. She reached her old days and recently had some lumps removed from what they suspected was cancer. She's doing fine now though, she's still very happy and chirpy, and I hope she'll still be with us for a while!

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♡ Nikki


  1. Wat doe je dat geweldig: de beweging vatten in de foto's. Mooi beest zeg, vooral in de blauwige foto's!

  2. such a cutie! I love your water color illustrations. Just beautiful!


  3. That's my stinky G :)
    Lovely pictures nikkels, they make me smile