Guestpost: Kitties

Here are the kitties telling you about their favorite places!

Moos: I'm happiest when I can lay in between the laptop and Nikki. She always finds me annoying when I do this but I just want to cuddle! Sometimes she gets so annoyed she shoves me out of the way (I know she is sooo mean) so I go sit behind the laptop and make the face in the photo hoping she feels guilty. If this doesn't work I get angry, but my revenge comes the next morning when Joris and Nikki are sound asleep. I sit in front of their bedroom door at precisely 6.00am and sing for them as loud as I can.

Frutsel: I like to drag my lazy bum to 'my' scratching tower, on top of it is a little bed and it's high enough to keep an eye on the bird or feathers that fall down. It's really important for me that my spot is higher than the other kitties, so they know I'm in charge here. I'm the scratching tower queen! My other favorite place is where the food is. I love food! I live for food! And if there isn't any food in my bowl I like to join Moos for our 6.00am concert.

Moby: I'm nothing like my childish family members. I don't know what all the fuss is about and I certainly don't approve of 6.00am concerts. Joris and Nikki deserve their sleep, you know? The bedroom is my territory, I'm most happy sleeping on the bed and don't come out till it's time for Joris and Nikki to go to sleep. Nikki even placed a bowl of food in the bedroom, so I can eat alone and in quiet. This is very important to me, because if I eat too fast I often forget to chew (I know I'm so silly) and then the food ends up coming right out again. When I'm not in the bedroom I like to sit on the diner table and if I'm lucky Joris drops his jacket there when he comes home from work so I can snuggle on it. 

Thanks for tuning in!
Moos, Frutsel and Moby


  1. hahaha, this was so cute. made me smile. I like that all your cats are black and white, so neat. Did you plan it?

  2. What an amazing post!
    And I love how the pictures match the stories so well, you really get to see their personalities:)

    Already made my day!

  3. @Angel, no I didn't plan it, but I do like it a lot :)! Moby was my first cat and she belonged to my dad, so he 'picked' her out and named her. We got Moos from a woman who took care of about 25 street cats in her home and one of them gave birth to Moos. He was very small and ill and we just couldn't leave him there. Frutsel also came from the street, she followed my friend/neighbor home and I immediately fell in love with her :), but I must say one of my excuses to take her in was 'she matches the other two so well' ;)!

  4. Mooi stel poezels heb je :) herkenbare verhalen!

  5. Ik ben helemaal geen kattenmens, maar wat een mooie foto's!