Brooch Collection #1

Froy&Dind - thrifted deer - Ittybittybirdy
A couple of months ago I took some pictures of my brooches for a new collection post, but forgot all about them afterwards. When I was organizing my folders I found them and thought, what the heck :), let's post 'em!

Thrifted flamingos - Hema deer - Ittybittybirdy
In the mean time I've gotten some new brooches and I found some more too so I'll post the second part of the brooch collection tomorrow :).

Thrifted 'Paris', butterfly and cat (with moving tail!) brooches
Still high on my wishlist are enamel flower pins, I keep hoping to run in to one while thrifting, but no luck yet unfortunately...

Vintage lady brooch (belonged to my mom) - yellow crocheted flower (hippiefestival) - Old floral brooch belonged to my Grandma
So there you go :), a part of the brooches and pins collection, and more to come!

♡ Nikki


  1. Wow, they're great! I especially love the silber deer brooch. Beautiful!

  2. What a nice collection - They are really sweet every one of them:-)

  3. These are soo sweet. I don't wear, but love brooches and the thought of stories behind them! It's always so fun to see others' collections.

  4. pretty! i love the vintage lady one.

  5. Love your collection, very pretty esp the little deer.

  6. Hello Nikki,

    These are absolutely adorable!

    I share your love for vintage, fabrics, lovely things that make my day, L.O.V.E, family and friends!

    You're welcome to visit me here:

    Have a great day!

  7. Pretty! I also have a (little) brooch collection. Love to waer them: it always gives your outfit something extra :-)