Miss Elsa

For a couple of months now I've been following the blog of the Swedish Elsa Billgren (thank god for google translate).

I adore this dress! Must have one like this ;)!
She writes a lovely blog filled with magical vintage dresses, a dreamy home, delicious food and just gorgeous people :).

All the photo's she makes are very pretty, the Instagram ones too!

So dreamy, look at that painting! And the kitschy cat figurine!
I'm so inspired by everything on her blog I guess I just wanted to share her with you :)!

I found her on another blog I often read; A piece of Lisa, also a very cute blog!

I love the combination of her vivacious red hair and cute vintage dresses.

And all the delicious food photo's make me dribble ;), this one in particular:

Toast with mushrooms, yum!
Here's another picture of her lovely home:

What a wonderful life :)!

Just looking at these pictures make me realize how pretty life can be. Thank you Elsa! Did I get you curious? Take a look at Elsa's blog for yourself :)!

♡ Nikki


  1. you're right, totally amazing dresses. i feel we are practically experts, so its ok for us to say so. hehe :)

  2. Zeker mooie foto's zeg! Wilde dat ik dat zo kon:P maar ben er achter gekomen dat ik daar het geduld niet voor heb:D


  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the instagram of her cat! She should sell prints of that, I swear.


  4. Ah wauwie wat een leuk huis! Zo lekker licht en vol met vrolijke dingen. En niet eens te meisjesachtig (vind ik).