Into the Forest

Since Joris and I have been so active in Belgium, we decided to keep things up while at home. Starting today with a trip to the forest. Near our town is a lovely forest named 'Lingebos', you can also swim there and they have a pancake restaurant. We went there on our bikes so I guess it's safe to say I had enough movement for today :).

I couldn't leave my handmade bokeh heart thingy at home of course.

These little bugs were everywhere, even in my hair...

But I was able to hold a little toad as well so that made my day :)!

Halfway through the forest we took a little picnic break


I experimented some more with Bokeh

And came to the conclusion that snails are really cute

We almost lost our way, but luckily this friendly rabbit pointed us in the right direction :)

A successful day, I say!

♡ Nikki


  1. Wonderful photographs, it looks like a magical place with all that wildlife! x

  2. what a cute day you had! The pictures make me smile.

  3. These pictures are gorgeous! You have such a pretty blog!

  4. wow prachtige fotos! ik volg je nu via de swap-bot!

    haha grappig idd dat onze namen op elkaar lijken! bij mij is het wel mijn bijnaam maar word eigenlijk altijd zo genoemd :-)