Dress Up #11 Meet Betty!

Meet Betty :)! Betty is my new camera bag, I purchased her at the wonderful Monocled Lop run by Amy and Emily. Betty is a vintage bag with a custom made insert. I picked out the prettiest vintage fabric for the insert and it turned out so wonderful (thank you Emily :)!

My Nikon fits precisely in the middle :). I'm still puzzling over how to arrange it perfect but it already works pretty good. What I love most is that when all the camera gear is safely tucked away in Betty, there is still a ton of space for other good stuff :D. Thanks so much Mococled Lop ladies, Betty and I are going to be inseparable ;)! By the way, they just filled up the shop again with more vintage camera bags, have a look!

Today's outfit :). Last Dress Up I complained about my hair and not knowing what to do with it. I decided to try out different things like the fishtail braid (which I still have to practice a lot) and today a high bun. So no cutting or painting after all but simply playing :)!

Betty: The Monocled Lop | Cardigan: h&m Dress: Thrifted in Berlin | Belt: Sugar Sugar | Nailpolish: Miss Stoneheart h&m | Legging: gift from friend | Shoes h&m | Owl Ring: Hema | Vintage Glasses: Hall of Frame

And yet again, I have blog make-over jitters... I blame all of you for having such pretty designs and inspiring me to create. Actually, I thank all of you for that :). I'm taking it slow but don't be surprised if the Liefgeval blog has a new design in a couple of weeks :).

♡ Nikki

p.s. Unfortunately I´ve been receiving some spam in the comment section, so I had to put on word verification.. sorry for the inconvenience. 


  1. echt leuk nikki !!
    al begrijp ik geen engels jou geweldige foto's zeggen al genoeg!

    Marie-Lu (12jaar)

  2. Wat een mooie tas! Ik vroeg me af of je bril die je in een paar foto's op hebt ook echt op sterkte is? Ik wil steeds meer leuke brillen zodat ik een beetje kan spelen met mijn 'gebrek'. :)


  3. @Nancy, ja de bril is op sterkte :) ik heb hem van de Hall of Frame, zie http://liefgeval.blogspot.com/2011/06/dress-up-7.html

    Liefs Nikki

  4. I have a vintage bag almost exactly like that! I wanted to make it into a camera bag as well, but wasn't sure how to make the insert. Must find a tutorial on this.

  5. Wow, I think I might need to invest in one of those bags when I finally get my DSLR! Oh - and that belt is totally adorable.

  6. WAUW Ik MOET zo'n tas! Hij is super stoer! Ik hoop dat ik mijn gewenste tas te pakken kan krijgen (ze zijn even weg zie ik) ;) Ha ha je bent niet de enige die regelmatig blog make-over jitters heeft... Ik heb ze ook de hele tijd (en de ervaring leert dat eigenlijk niemand dat erg vind - dus gooi al die duffe marketing regels maar lekker over boord en leef je uit!)

  7. Love that vintage pretty bag!! and love your wonderful blog :)

  8. ohh die tas! Gaaf! En de dress-up ook weer top!

  9. i love your use of color! both in the outfit and in the background. also, the bag is really nice :)


  10. I love everything about this outfit. Especially the shoes.