Castle Loevestein

Hello! Joris and I are still trying to maintain being active ;), so today we visited Castle Loevestein. We went there on a boat, which I loved. I really like being on the water, it makes me feel so free with a nice little wind blowing through my hair (though sometimes it was a bit too much).

See what I mean :)? Still, I think I might have liked getting there even more than being there.

Shame on Joris for only putting half of my new camera bag in the picture! I just got it in this morning and I love it so much! I'll dedicate a post to it later this week ;).

My hometown. Looking cute right?

We arrived a little hungry, so we decided to start with lunch first. That way we could think about whether or not to buy a ticket for inside the castle... It was rather expensive. So was the lunch, but delicious :)! I never buy chocolate milk but sometimes, like once a month, I crave it ;).

We decided to buy tickets, after all the castle was what we came for. It was kinda dull though, and pretty dark so I wasn't able to take good pictures. I think that if you love cultural stuff (which I don't, I'm mostly in to taking pictures or buying cute objects) or have kids the castle will be a big hit :). Unfortunately I didn't pay enough attention to tell you about the castle's history, shame on me. But you can read all about it here.

Afterwards we strolled a bit through the surrounding area so I could feed my photography obsession again. Look, cute donkeys!

Luckily we only had a few raindrops. The wind remained with us though. But seriously, where has summer gone? I'm not done with it yet!

It was oh so pretty. Looking at this picture makes me realize how pretty Holland can be.

And another boat picture to go! See you later lovelies!

♡ Nikki


  1. Wat een geweldig uitje! Mooie foto's zeg, vooral die laatste van jou.

    (En dat verhaal over Hugo de Groot in de boekenkist is toch wel ├ęcht spannend hoor. ;))

  2. Weeee I spy Betty in there! Can't wait to see her with all of your gear. :D

  3. As a kid I went there too. Thanks for making me remember through all your lovely photographs:) And what an adorable donkey!

    Yeah, when I'm out on a trip I often crave chocolate milk too;)

    The moment I get out of Amsterdam and see some green landscapes I always get reminded of all the old paintings (that pretty much look like that picture you took haha!).