Hello from Belgium!

Hello! We managed to get a tiny and very slow internet connection! I'm so happy, because now I can show you where I am, it's beautiful. We are staying in this castle:

The surrounding area is so beautiful as well, and the owners are very friendly. They brought us yummy hand picked plums.

The castle has all these cute details and is surrounded by horses (which we can't ride unfortunately, but taking pictures of them pleasures me enough too).

We have one of the nicest rooms, with a very pretty balcony where I can take nice pictures on :)

The best part of everything is, that all our lovely friends are with us and we have so much fun! We went to Aachen (Germany) today, the German border is very close to where we stay, big bonus!

I'll show some Aachen pictures later on :).

♡ Nikki


  1. ahh I can't believe you're staying in a castle! Completely gorgeous. And your blue tights are stunning!

  2. Love all the photos! I just want to give that Golden Retriever a hug!

  3. wow, ziet er gaaf uit! Wil wel weten waar dat is zodat ik er ook een keertje heen kan :)

  4. Wat heerlijk! Hoop dat je enorm geniet!

    (Ik dacht even dat ik ooit in hetzelfde kasteel heb geslapen, maar ze lijken vast allemaal op elkaar, die Belgische droomplekjes. ;))