♡ Brussels!

Or better: I love shopping in Brussels!

I so regret not buying the shoes on the right, so so much!

But I did buy a new coat! A vintage one! I love it! (I went to Belgium without a coat and obviously without checking what kind of weather it would be, brrrrr, but a really good excuse to buy a new one though).

I googled two vintage stores and they were both brilliant, Foxhole and Gabriele Vintage. I truly wanted to buy everything. Pay a visit when you are in Brussels!

Hey look at this, a Joris approved store :)

Agnes Obel 

Conclusion; go to Brussels, it's awesome :), I definitely want to go back! Tonight is already our last night here :( I can't believe how fast the week went by. But I'm dying to get back to the kitties. Sorry for the lack of writing but I have a campfire to get to!

♡ Nikki


  1. We love Brussel to! Prachtige foto's!


  2. I love the picture of Joris in the record shop! What a fun trip you must be having :)

  3. I love the picture of all the shoes under the glass cloches! That's such a cute idea... Now I have to think of a way to incorporate that into my life...

  4. you captured it wonderfully :)

  5. that looks like sooo much fun! i would love to go there!
    xox dana

  6. me to !
    i ♥ agnes obel

    echt die muziek is echt FANTASTIES !!!!


  7. wow awesome photos.
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  8. Beautiful photos! we loved Brussels when we visited too...and even better it was around Christmas so Christmas markets too! hope you have a safe trip home! x

  9. Hij kijkt ook zo blij bij zijn 'approved' winkel :-) Geniet nog van je avondje!

  10. Nooit geweest en dat moet zeker eens veranderen! Waar kun je die prachtige schoenenwinkel vinden? De jas die je hebt gekocht is echt supermooi!!