Almost ready to go

Just as I'm finishing up the last chores before leaving for Belgium, the vacuum cleaner breaks down! I already piled everything up, including Moos, on the dinner table.

Pretty frustrating, it's the one thing left I have to do today, vacuum, and now the stupid thing is broken. Aside from the dust on the floor I feel like our house has never been this clean :)! And it's suddenly way cooler to take pictures...

I'm going to pack our bags tomorrow morning, I don't want my pretty dresses to get all wrinkled :). I'm only staying in Belgium for a week but of course my entire life has to come with me in my suitcase. And of course my camera bag is way to tiny for all my camera's and lenses. By the way I found a super fabulous camera from '82. A Konica Pop! I'm going to check it out in Belgium and show the pictures in Lomo Saturday.

There might be internet where I'm going, but in case there isn't, there might be a bit of blog silence next week :(. But I really hope for internet and daily reports on my adventures in Belgium!

Blimey I love my new lens! I hope to be back tomorrow! Bye now!

♡ Nikki


  1. wat leuk dat je naar Belgie komt, waar ga je precies heen?

  2. Okay I mean WISH I had a "good" camera! Can't wait to see what you come up with on your travels. :)

  3. @Ilse, Ik verblijf in Mortier. Dat schijnt bij het 3 landen punt te zijn oid :)?

  4. Veel plezier! Ben benieuwd naar je foto's: met de nieuwe lens en de nieuwe (gave!) camera.

    Balen van de stofzuiger trouwens, maar ach, opgeruimd is ook heel wat. ;)

  5. Veel plezier! Super schattige kussentjes trouwens!

  6. Fijna vakantie! Geneit ervan!

    Mooie foto's heb je gemaakt!