Two of my friends are getting married this year, 
I'm so exited for them :)! The first one to say
'I do' will be my friend Rosalyn this Tuesday.
I love weddings, I can't wait for my own, but
while waiting I'm very happy to become a wedding
card designer - photographer and bridesmaid :D!

Rosalyn asked me to design her wedding card, and
I was honored to do so of course. I don't know
the exact translation of her job in English but
let's just say she works in the movie business,
very awesome with red carpet premieres and such ;).
Her card was inspired by her job, on 'famous' movies.
Let me just stop the jabbering and show it to you!

I photographed Rosalyn and her soon to be husband who's
name also is Joris (like my love and perhaps some day
also soon to be husband ;)) and gave them lead roles in
famous movies. I've never done anything like this so some
things were quite tricky, like creating rain with Photoshop.
Thank god for all the wonderful tutorials on the web :)!

Do you recognize some of the movies? Shall I tell :)?

I'm going to take pictures on the big day as well, I'm
a little nervous but also very enthusiastic. I think it's
so awesome and sweet that Rosalyn has such faith in me :).
Thank you Roos!



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  2. Those pictures you staged are unbelievably awesome!

  3. Maar natuurlijk heb ik dat! For the non-Dutch readers: Nikki is so great, not only as a friend, but also in a creative way!
    Je hebt nog veel meer talent dan je zelf denkt en vergeet dus niet je portfolio bij te werken met deze 'opdrachten'.
    Ik ben zo blij dat je erbij bent dinsdag :-D En mocht het voor jou de grote dag zijn, dan wil ik je uiteraard helpen met alles wat kan!
    Liefs en Kus!

  4. Wat ontzettend leuk en creatief zeg! Super tof idee om de kaart op deze manier te maken. En natuurlijk gaaf dat jij dit mocht ontwerpen en foto's mag maken vandaag. Super!