Happy things of today

Today a couple of things made me happy:

1. The cookbook 'for girls from 8 to 88' I wanted for a while
was on discount at the supermarket.
2. ACTIONSAMPLER!!! Came in the mail today, more Lomo 
fun huzzah!
3. This green tea with orange, papaya, melon and aloe vera, it 
has the most amazing flavour and aroma!
4. Also in the mail, decoylab clock :D! I'll take a better picture 
soon, currently to lazy.
5. The fact that I used this cute bag today, I'm a sucker for flower
6. I realized my keys are actually pretty cute as well :). 

And also, but not pictured:

7. Running into a friend and making plans to get me some cute
glasses (I dumped my old ones somewhere a long time ago
and have the feeling my eyes are getting worse :o)


  1. 8. You make me happy... omdat ik je blog zo leuk vind! ;-)

  2. Hier nog èèn, what an eye candy'. Vooral van je collections heb ik echt genoten ... heerlijk. Zo lekker kleurig, om blij van te worden.

    Liefs Jolanda.

  3. My Sister has those matryoshka key caps!

  4. Hé, die paddestoelen heb ik ook om mijn sleutels! Ze beginnen alleen een beetje te scheuren zag ik...

    Heerlijke plaatjes weer. En die thee is inderdaad best lekker.

  5. Gave spullen! Die actionsampler; goed bezig hoor! Veel plezier ermee.

  6. Oh die thee ga ik ook proberen!
    En mooie nieuwe lay-out joh! :)