Just as I promised,
a giveaway for my lovely 'overseas' readers.

You can win a package with matryoshka earrings,
a cute gnome pocketmirror, a whimsical unicorn ring and..
a surprise :)!

To enter you have to leave a comment in which you can
write anything you want, and I would also love it if you
 become a follower if you aren't yet.

You may enter from all over the world,
but to keep things fair I'm excluding Dutchies/Belgium peepz 
seeing as they already have their special giveaway here ;).

I'll announce a winner on May 9th, good luck
everyone :D!

p.s. Make sure I can reach you if you are the lucky gal!



  1. what a great prize!!! It'd be a great way to start May if I won!!!

  2. What a lovely giveaway! I love the matryoshka's, and the mirror, but the RING is what makes me hope to win that prize :) Wonder what the mystery object will be :>

    isztarv at o2 dot pl

  3. I'd love to be entered please! They are too cute! :)

    pinklittlebean [at]


  4. Hello from Melbourne!! :) I love your blog and read all the time. You have the best hair ever... and I would looove to win!! :)

    swamphen37 at yahoo dot com

  5. hi nikki. i´m curious about, what the mystery object is. :)
    ehm... i really would love to win =)

    i hope you have a lovely sunday.

    greetings from germany.
    xoxo nina <3

  6. Hello from Denmark! I LOVE your stuff and would LOVE to win this giveaway. Would give me some comfort in between waiting for my new computer and all my exams. All the things are really cute! Take care. :)

  7. I'm following your blog! The items are just darling! I thinking about outfits for the earrings and ring already! I also happen to need to pocket mirror for my purse!

  8. How sweet and generous for you to do another giveaway for the folks that live far away! My favorite part of your blog has been the features about DEER!

  9. oooooooooooooooooh yes! this is amazing!
    I also follow your blog through bloglovin!


  10. Hi NIkki!
    Please enter me! (that rhymed) hehe!
    Oh & a mystery item! Suspenseful :)


  11. Those matryoshka earrings are adorable! :D

  12. These are such cute items! I'm already a follower! I LOVE your Lomo Saturday posts. I miss using film a lot myself, so I have been living vicariously through you!

  13. Yay! That unicorn ring is so cute! I've been one of your followers for quite a long time now :)

  14. OMG i just love the earrings. =) sooo cute and what a lovely color.
    I am a new follower from now on. =) YEY.

  15. i love your blog! so colorful and sweet :)
    and now I'm also an official follower ;)

  16. i just wanted to comment- and say, you have a stunning blog. the warm light and colors make me feel happiness xx

    hope to hear from you*
    love amy ^.^

  17. I love those matryoshka earrings!! I just want to tell you that I discovered your blog by accident, while looking for pictures of deer, and now I love it! Especially the posts about your home that is adorable! Good work miss!

  18. your blog is lovely ♥
    ps: I'm following you (:

    francivusk (at) hotmail (dot) it

  19. Can I join as a Dutchie in Vietnam? In fact I am an overseas reader?! :-)

    aletta27 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  20. gfc follower
    thank you for having this giveaway .
    I love your blog because it is so colorful and fun to look at .
    thank you
    happy mother's day to your mum .
    tumblemumbo at gmail dot com

  21. thanks for this giveaway!
    i followed you =]

  22. My goodness, I can't ever get tired of how adorable your blog is.
    And I am, of course, a follower! :)
    so.kitsch at gmail dot com