I've been a little in to cooking lately,
I used to really dislike cooking but it suddenly changed
and I'm beginning to really see the fun in it! Now every
bookstore has to be checked for cute cookbooks and we buy
vegetables that we never bought before, like knolselderij
(turnip-rooted celery, according to the dictionary) which
wasn't easy because apparently it's out of season already.
I needed it for a recipe from the cookbook I bought last
week, for girls from 8 to 88 :).

And this is what I made:

Knolselderij stamppot met venkel!
Turnip-rooted celery stew with fennel!

And bladerdeegstengels met venkel zaadjes
'puff pastry stems with fennel seeds'.

Obviously I can't give you the recipe, but I can tell
you it was delicious ;)!



  1. lekker!! volgende keer receptje erbij? of zou dat niet mogen zo'n recept op je blog zetten? mhm geen idee eigenlijk.

    fijne zondag verder!

  2. The puff pastry looks stunning, and delicious
    You've drawn me to be hungry now lady ^.^

    sweetness xx
    hope to hear from you*!

  3. @Kloddertje roze: Nee dat mag helaas niet ;) er zit copyright op. Het mag niet openbaar gemaakt worden in enige vorm of op enige wijze. Anders hoeft straks niemand natuurlijk meer het boek te kopen :).

  4. Oh! Rather unusual...Don't think I've ever cooked with fennel seeds before. The stems look right crunchy and tasty. (-;

  5. tof !!


  6. Mmmm!!! There are so many wonderful cookbooks these days!!! I love the photos in them probably more than I'd love to cook the recipes!! :) I like to cook in the cooler weather but not so much when it gets warmer outside. That's when we fire up the grill and grill everything. Happy cooking!!!

    ~ Wendy

  7. lekker!!! zit hier gewoon te watertanden :-)