Lomo Saturday

Every Sunday we go for dinner at my Joris's parents, who'm are very sweet.
These pictures are all on the road to their house (the last picture).
In spring and summer, we sometimes eat in their lovely garden en
I'm already looking forward to it!

I'm going to try to do Lomo Saturday every week! So let's
hope I'll keep taking lots of pictures :).

Lomo saturday is an initiative of Anki from Zilverblauw
{love her blog} so see more Lomo Saturday at her blog!

Oh, and I know the Kitschy Digitals camera's in my Lomo Saturday
logo aren't really lomo camera's, but they're just so cute ;).

I'm going for a picnic today with friends, so all camera's are coming
with ;)! Enjoy this {at least in Holland} very warm and sunny day!



  1. Ohh ik vind ze echt uitzonderlijk goed gelukt, wat heb je gave dingen uitgekozen om te fotograferen zeg! En jouw balkje is veel gaver dan de mijne! (heb die van mij net ook snel roze gemaakt, veel mooier!)
    Te gek dat je meedoet!