Dress Up #2

So, not a dress this time :)!
I was a little hesitant about this at first though,
I think it makes me look a little square.

But it's still a cute outfit. I didn't even remember I had this
little overall till a couple of weeks ago when I was searching
for an outfit to wear to laser gaming. I thought it was a
little weird to do that in a skirt or dress and I hardly
have any pants so I wore this :D (well with a black
tee, black tights and red lipstick to make me
look a little bad ass, not that I looked bad ass, perhaps
I shouldn't have put my hair in pigtails, but hey I tried!) 

This time I gave a little romantic touch to it.

Shirt: H&M (I love the little lace sleeves, you can see a little bit
of my tattoo through it)
Tights: H&M
Overall: H&M (I buy a lot at this store :p)
Earrings: Swap gift
Necklace: Asos
Butterfly pin: Thrifted
Shoes: Thrifted

I have to go now, I'm having my first yoga class in an hour :)!


  1. Draag het met flair en je komt vast heel ver ;)

  2. Very super cute outfit!

  3. het staat je alvast heel erg leuk, veel plezier met de yoga.

  4. Wat een leuke outfit! Je ziet er super uit!

  5. Staat je leuk! ik wilde dat ik een overall kon dragen... lief, die ruches! En de vilnder vind ik ook helemaal leuk!

  6. you look darling, nikki! dear, i love your whole outfit, especially your shoes!!

  7. Ik vind 'm ook heel leuk!! (Zoiets staat mij jammer genoeg niet, te korte pootjes...)