Dress up! #1

Hello you!
I want to introduce you to my new weekly post!
Well...I'm going to try to make it a weekly post ;)...

'Dress up'

You might recognize the problem of an
overflowing closet, packed and stacked with clothes, shoes
bags, accessories and more of that kind.
~Or maybe you don't think it's a problem but your boyfriend does~

But because I work from home a lot, most of the time
I just put on something comfy and some days I don't even
get out of my pajama (I know, bad girl).
So all the pretty dresses, shoes and accessories stay
hidden for the world and that's just a shame!

So, I said to myself, Nikki, this can't go on like this any longer,
you have to wear what you buy!

As a result to that I decided that I will go all out with dressing
up at least once a week and showcase it to you.
(The thought of buying less junk isn't an option, right?)
Of course I try to look pretty every time I step out of the
front door, but for this weekly post I'll try making it extra pretty ;).
Oh, and as a bonus I'll tell you where everything comes
 from (if I remember)! Deal?

So this is me, here I am. Usually kinda picture shy, but in a pretty
dress and with no one behind the camera I'm ok ;).

Let's start on top!
Headband: Hema
Dress: Thrifted in Berlin :D
Tights: Hema
Shoes: Shoetime

Don't you just love this friendly little ghost from Marymary handmade?
I chose this one because my dad always calls me 'Spookje' (Little ghost)
due to my extremely white skin (and in the sun always pink but never tan).

I'm already getting nervous about finding an outfit for next week :p
but I'll do my bestest best :)! I hope you enjoyed it!


  1. I heart this.
    Super cute.
    Plus it might be helpfull to cut back on the overflow ;)..

  2. Yes sweetie you do have a point :) maybe I should get rid of things that don't fit anymore. But you know, what if one day they fit again :P?

  3. Leuk, leuk! Geweldige jurk!! Ik kijk al uit naar je volgende outfit :-)

  4. Good idea for a weekly post! And I like the cat and the deer (I suppose that's what it is)passing in that first pic and the horse coming in in the second :)

  5. Oe, that's nice. You're looking very GOOD!
    Lovely greeting with heart&soul from Sil.

  6. oh leuk, gelukkig draag je vaak jurkjes, dus dat wordt inspirerend!!


  7. Aww, you are too cute. I love the floral fabric!

  8. Wow :-)
    En het spookje is ook super !
    Ben benieuwd ook naar volgende week, vind het een heel leuk idee !

  9. strak plan!
    Ben benieuwd naar je volgende post :)

  10. eek! the belt! the dress! you look super duper cute, nikki.

  11. Leuk idee, vind je er altijd zo leuk uitzien. Ben dus benieuwd naar je volgende outfit!

  12. you look sooo lovely. i love the necklace too!!!

  13. you are supercute and I love this post idea! can't wait for the next outfit :) ...oh and I love the accessories!

  14. je ziet er geweldig uit!met zoveel kleding kun je er wel een dagelijks item van maken ;)

  15. Leuk jurkje! En je ketting vind ik ook erg schattig :)

  16. Wow lady, wat ben jij mooi! En wat ontzettend tof haar heb je! Echt heul nice ♥

  17. Love the dress and the boots - Oh it just makes me want spring to come a little sooner here.