Deer girl

I took some new pictures of her so I thought I'd show them :).
This Blythe girl was once an ADG Aztec Arrival but Jodiedolls
customized her for me. Some say she looks scary but I think
she's the cutest 

Officially she isn't finished yet because she doesn't have
a scalp and she is now wearing a wig. It would be
amazing if she could one day get a pretty scalp with
a mohair re-root!

This week I sold my other Blythe doll Madelief, you know
recession and stuff ;). I have a weakness for ADG Blythes
so hopefully there are more to come in the future.

Did you already know Blythe? What do you think of her :)?


  1. Ze is inderdaad knap! Kun je haar ogen zelf wisselen?

  2. :D Achter op haar hoofd heeft ze een touwtje, als je hier aan trekt gaan haar ogen dicht en als ze weer open gaan komen haar nieuwe kijkers tevoorschijn :)!

  3. She's so pretty! I like Blythe (I only have two small ones though) but my true love are Pullip dolls. :)

  4. Ze is prachtig! Ik heb ook een Blythe, zal haar eens zoeken!

  5. She is fab! I like her! :)

    I have a Rainy Day Parade Blythe, I used to have a custom and an enchanted petal, but i soldthem years ago when I needed money, I only kept Enid my RDP because I'm kind of attatched to her. (she's a mini me)

  6. @Ingrid, Pullips are so wonderful as well, and
    mini Blythe's are so cute too.

    @Anki, oeh ik ben heel nieuwschierig :D!

    @DLF, Blythe's always come in very handy when you need money right ;)? Rainy day parade is adorable, I so like her hairdo!

  7. She's so cute! I love her antlers.
    I just got Strawberry N' Creamy and I have a few others, including a Kenner! She was a gift from my Uncle's girlfriend. I love her to bits!

  8. Wat geweldig zeg, een touwtje op haar achterhoofd. ;)

  9. I looove Blythe! I have 5 :o I didn't mean to get so many, but I couldn't resist :P

    Having a weakness for ADGs is good though, at least they are the cheapest ones!