Cute Shop

Yesterday I took the Etsy Taste Test
and found the most lovely items and shops!
I want to share this one:

Though it might not be the best time of the year
to start knitting warm and woolly stuff, you would
want to make an exception for these lovely digital knitting patterns!

I love love love everything!
Unfortunately my knitting isn't up for anything
more than a simple scarf :(

But...! A sweet blog friend offered to knit me
the deer antlers hat, hurray!


  1. I always knit during the summertime!
    Just sit down in the sun, put your feet up, get your knitting-accesoires and go!
    By the time the winter begins, your
    'deer-sweater' is finished ;-)

    have a nice weekend.

    ps i'm gonna etsy-test myself tonight.

  2. oh, the hat is really cool! :)

  3. Ooh ik *hartje* die rendiermuts!!

  4. Oh you didn't... you did... Thank you for the confidence in my knitting skills, and looking at the comments, maybe I should knit more and put them in a shop haha. ♥ Essie

  5. @Nightessie: Why shouldn't you :D?