Collections part three

Picture by Jeltje Janmaat  
Painting by my Grandfather 

Hi everyone,
Here's another addiction of mine :), vintage flowery china!
Teapots, cups, plates and a couple of bowls is what I own
now and every time I find something during thrift shopping the
collection grows because I just can't leave anything behind :).

I just  the old English high tea look, though the cups have never
even been used for tea since I own them, I'm so afraid my
clumsy self or the kitties break them.

And I just happen to have a thing for flowers, you see them
everywhere in the house in different styles.

As a bonus a couple of deer teaspoons, but I haven't thrifted enough
of those yet to call them a collection, maybe some day ;).


  1. ooooh such lovely photos! i'm having a bit of a teacup craze too hehe! :)

  2. super! de tweede foto is beeldschoon!!

    fijne avond.

  3. Wat een mooi servies, love it! Groetjes Essie

  4. Ha,wat mooi! ja ik heb hier ook zo'n heerlijke verzameling mooie kopjes en bordjes. Nu nog wat meer mooie lepeltjes!

  5. Toen de oma van mijn lief overleed, wilde niemand de kopjes hebben......schande!! Ik heb ze allemaal meegenomen en ze zijn prachtig!!

  6. love it..! this post may have single-handedly inspired me to start collecting tea cups, TOO! :) so beautiful.