Children's Books

Last Saturday I was at a secondhand book market with
friends and I found these adorable children's books:

The illustrations are to die for so cute!
I wonder how old they are, they don't have a date written in them...
Any idea?

 I also found all adventures of Pippi Longstocking 
and an adorable embroidery book.
Great score, I'm attending book markets more often :).

Luckily my book addicted friend Lies, who's house practically exists out
of bookcases packed with books, always knows when and where
a book market is taking place ;).

What are your favorite kind of books?


  1. Those are so fun! I especially like the one with the squirrel.
    I love storybooks with good illustrations and obscure fairy tales. Also any classics with interesting bindings or illustrations. One of my favorites is a copy of Wuthering Heights that looks like a really trashy 70's romance novel!

  2. Such lovely finds! I would have picked those up too if i would have seen them on a book market!

    My first instinct is that they are most likely from the 1940's. But then again, Elise Bronkhorst wrote childrens books with illustrations by Greta Bosch v Drakestein from the mid 1930's into the 40's.
    And it of course also depends on which printing they are. Like that cute squirrel book, i have seen one once that was a 7th printing and i think that one was from the 1970s with the first print being earlier obviously.

  3. @Madeline: I would love to see your trashy 70's novel, I think I'm in to it :D!

    @Ismoyo: Thank you so much, it's so awesome to know. The squirrel book is third print. The other books unfortunately don't have that kind of information. Just they're price, only 0,15 cents! I also found another book, not in de picture above, named 'Klompertje Klomp en Janneke' written by Sue and Pax Steen, that one looks pretty old as well. Thank you for the info :)!

  4. very cute! I have some old children's books as well, not with pictures like these, but very pretty in their old age, like Niels Holgerson, een doktersfamilie in het hoge noorden, alleen op de wereld, Afke's tiental. They were my dad's and he read us from them when we were young, so they are childhood memories as well.