Thrifts and Gifts

I'm starting to feel a little bit like myself again. The hardest part seems to be over and though I do feel a clear difference in anxiety with and without medication, I want to learn how to handle it on my own and I'm certain there are several tools to get me on my way.

I've been wanting to post this for a while and finally took some pictures! I have some new cute thrifts I want to show :)

This is only part of it because the other bag with goodies is still in my basement and I'm currently to lazy to get them ;). So more pictures later on.

Presents in your mailbox, it's such a joyful thing! I was so lucky to receive a 'wish birdy' from Sil and the most precious vintage Bambi card from one of my favorite designers; Julie!

I received the pretty deer vase from Gabrielle ♥ Thank you so much sweet ladies!

The last thing I want to share, is that I finally sort of discovered the diaphragm button on my camera. I mean, of course I noticed the button right away when I bought my amazing(!) Nikon about a year ago, I just never
thought of using it. Pretty silly actually, because the diaphragm let's you play with how many light streams into your lens and that way you can create pictures like this :

Pretty cool right? This is a vintage card game I thrifted by the way :)! I think I'm going to have a lot of fun experimenting with it.

Have a nice Saturday sweeties!



  1. Love you're homemade vintage-cards! Keep practicing with you're camera. Nice work.
    Thanks for the cute picture with my wish-birdy.
    Lovely-greetings with heart&soul from Sil.

  2. Oh wat heerlijk weer!
    En wat heb je lieve dingen gekregen.....echt super!

  3. i love your new design! :)
    can I ask you where you find these cute graphics with deers and such ? thanks :)

  4. @Marolle:
    Thank you I'm flattered :)! Your blog is very beautiful as well. It's funny you ask because I get that question a lot, so I decided to post a 'questions & answers' post in the future and I'll make sure to answer this one ;). Just keep tuning in :).

  5. he he thank you! im a follower and im watching your blog everytime you post :)
    thanks alot!

  6. Mooie spulletjes! Vooral die vaas is super!

  7. Wat een enorm schattig kannetje! Eerste foto bovenop, waar vind je toch al dat leuks? Fijn dat het wat beter met je gaat. Liefs MiM

  8. Glad you're starting to feel better, it can really suck huh? I've finished going off of one but hate the way I feel without it so am starting on another one now. Which pills are bright green! Which already makes me happy as it's my favourite colour!!
    I love the mushroom bowl you got, awesome!! And that deer vase - sooooo gorgeous!!
    I don;t have a diaphragm button on my camera. Wish I did though as that looks awesome!

  9. Nikki, Fijn om te lezen dat je je al wat beter voelt!! En je bent omringd door zoveel moois en zoveel liefs.... het gaat je wel lukken hoor!!

    Lieve groetjes, Saskia :)

  10. Great thrift finds and gifts! I'm glad you're starting to feel a bit better. xx

  11. Ik ben een weekend weggeweest, en wat een positieve dingen om te lezen bij terugkomst!
    Dat je je weer wat beter gaat voelen, je lieve leuke spulletjes en je 'nieuwe' blog.
    Helemaal goed!!

  12. Wat fijn om te lezen dat het weer een beetje beter gaat! Je gaat er komen, daar heb ik alle vertrouwen in! Veel succes en sterkte!