Movie Monday : Moby

Moby is one of my kitties.
She grew up at my dad's so I never had any
cute pictures of her from when she was little, which
I was actually a little sad about; can you imagine not
having pictures from your baby period?

And can you imagine how thrilled I was when my brother send
me this little movie he found from when Moby was little and still
living at my dad's? It's really the cutest ever, her ears are so big
and she looks so different yet so the same :)!

I just can't stop watching and melting!
The wiggly-toe is my brother by the way ;).

Frutsel, one of my other kitties, has found herself
a new temporary favorite spot:

Silly one :)!
If you are wondering what's going on here; I'm keeping
myself buzzy in boyfriends study/play a lot of computer games room.
It was about time the room got a little make over so I'm ripping
off wallpaper and carpet. It's my birthday present for him :).
Next step; painting!



  1. wat een leuke blog!
    ik volg je (:

  2. Wat lief! En wat een fijn kopje heeft Moby, echt schattig!

  3. What an adorable kitty! and thumbs up for your boyfriend room makeover, I'm sure he will love it when its done!

  4. Oh schattig filmpje! :) tof dat je die kamer aan 't mooi maken bent, lijkt me een fijn cadeau!