First Diana mini batch!

I picked up my Diana pictures today :)!
I brought the film to a bit more expensive photo store,
because I was afraid the 'regulars' didn't really know how to
handle the film of this brilliant camera.

Well unfortunately this lady was so confused about it!
When I arrived she was like 'oh sweetheart, I'm so sorry but it turned
out awful, I only printed a couple to show you'.
She showed me three pictures and looked  at me sympathetically.
And I was like, I love it! It's brilliant!

She looked at me even more confused than she already was, and
when I asked her to print the rest of the film you could clearly see
in her face that she thought it was pure madness!

But, she did as I asked, and when I paid and left she said;
'Well, I'm happy YOU like them'.

And I sure do!

Of course not all of them were a success and you can
see I experimented a lot with all the options, not always working out,
but come on, aren't these lovely :)?

You can see a bit of my home town and the picture in the top right corner
is Rotterdam. You can see my three kitties and my sweetie while we were
cycling. The white flowery bike is mine :).

So my first Diana mini adventure is over, and I hope there are
more and more to come!



  1. ..echt mooie foto's hoor!, mooi verhaal van de mevrouw in de fotowinkel...


  2. Ohh ze zijn SUPER, helemaal voor een eerste rolletje! Goede effecten heb je al voor elkaar gekregen! Snap dat je er blij mee bent...

  3. Je bent meer dan welkom, ik zal het aan de anderen doorgeven. Enne, het balkje, doe ermee wat je wilt, leuk!! Ben benieuwd zaterdag! :)

  4. the photo's are really lovely...

  5. Ze zijn echt super gelukt!
    Leuk he de spanning van het
    rolletje laten ontwikkelen?

  6. Wat een leuk verhaal. Ik heb erg om moeten lachen! De foto's zijn ook heel mooi geworden. Veel succes met je Diana-avontuur.

  7. Supergoed gelukt, leuke foto's!! Mijn eerste rolletje was uhm... nou ja, minder goed gelukt om het netjes te zeggen. ;)