About 7 years ago, when Moby was just a tiny little kitten,
 my dad picked her up from the shelter. She lived with him for
about 2 years, but than my dad moved in with his girlfriend and
she already had 3 cats. At first he took her with him, but the four
cats together weren't the best match, so Moby came to live with me.
I lived very small, I only had two rooms! But Moby was very happy
with her new home, and owner, because she was safe and never alone!

I remember this one time, Joris and I went on vacation to England for two
weeks and Joris's sister took care of Moby. When I came home
she was so happy she instantly peed on the couch!

Moby is the most faithful kitty of the bunch. She's always by my side
and loves to snuggle with me. She also has a soft spot for Joris, when
he comes in the room she lights up and reaches out to him with her paws.

When she was little and lived with my dad, she once fell off the balcony.
We suspect that her head got a little ding-dong when that happened,
because most of the time she acts a little weird. She sees things
no one else sees. And sometimes she walks in to things like a
door or a chair.

Moby can also be described as shy, she doesn't really play with
the other kitties and when company comes, she'll hide in the
bedroom. One day of the year; 31 December, she spends
in the bedroom closet, afraid of the fireworks.

Sweet silly Moby, she's one of my best friends 


  1. so cute she looks super happy to be with you too. I love cats so much :D

  2. Wat een knapperd! Ik heb nu Schurk op schoot, zij is bijna negen. Maar bij haar zie je de ouderdom al hoor (haar deels witte vacht wordt bijvoorbeeld een beetje gelig) en Moby ziet er nog uit als een jonge blom!

  3. Mijn poezen maken ook deel uit van m'n beste vriendjes :-)

  4. Prachtig omschreven, zoveel kan je van je diertjes houden, mooi om te lezen!

  5. @Liefgeval Een leuk beest verdient een leuke naam ;). Moby vind ik ook erg leuk, vooral voor een 'zij'! Mijn andere kat heet Aart. Aart Staartjes. De dierenarts zei: maar uh, je weet wel dat dit ook een vrouwtje is? ;)

  6. Wat een snoezepoes! Mijn Noortje is mijn beste vriendinnetje ooit!