Giveaway winner!

Hi girls,

It's time to announce the winner of Detaljer Hemma!

I did it a little different this time, I wrote down all of your names and put them in a little basket. I shook and shuffled like mad and was hoping Moos would help me draw a winner...

Unfortunately Moos didn't really feel like sticking his paw in it, and decided to just sit there and look pretty. I guess it wasn't exiting enough for him. So I had to do the dirty work ;), I closed my eyes and while shuffling grabbed a piece of paper.

Are you ready? The winner is...

Ilaria! Congratulations girl!
Will you email me your address?

Unfortunately I have to disappoint a lot of people, but thank you all so much for your sweet comments, they really put a smile on my face and made me truly happy! And who knows, there might be another giveaway really soon :).

{ If you live in the Netherlands, you can order the
book at Lille Lykke }


  1. Gefeliciteerd winnaar! Helaas pindakaas, maar bedankt voor de tip, ik ga hem echt bestellen!
    Heerlijk boek :-)


  2. Hi Nikki!!!
    So happy about it!! I know that everyone that win a contest says always the same things, but for me is really the first time that I win something!
    Thank you very much for the opportunity!


  3. hahaha, if you want a cat to help, you should make it look like it's not allowed to touch it...

  4. Gefeliciteerd Ilaria, maar ik baal best een beetje ;) dan toch maar zelf bestellen, haha :)
    Hele toffe giveaway van je hoor!

  5. Wat een leuke foto's, tof om te doen hè, zo'n give-away?

  6. Ha! Wat is dat toch met katten? Die van ons zit overal met haar (overigens platte) neus bovenop, maar als het erop aankomt, dan is de actie ver te zoeken...