Cute shop : Zand Amsterdam

Just when I was starting to feel a little sad
about not knowing which cute shop to post, 
I looked at the skirt I'm wearing and it hit me.
I recently bought a very cute skirt at  
Zand Amsterdam! So there we have it, 
a really cute shop with a lot of really cute skirts!

These are all favourites of mine and I'm currently
wearing the top right one. They fit like a dream and
are suitable for almost all sizes! I wish I could buy
their entire assortment :)! I hope you like them!


  1. Zucht... Wat zijn ze leuk! Oh god hebbehebbehebbe ;-)
    Thanks voor de tip!


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  3. Wauw, mooie rokjes! Wordt je hebberig van. Mooie stoffen ook!

    XO Heidi

  4. De rokjes van Zand Amsterdam zijn echt super!
    Mooie prints en kleuren.

    *om blij van te worden*

  5. ieee! Wat leuk!!! Die rooie rechtsonder is super!!!

  6. Those are so cute indeed! Luckily I own one myself (it's very funky-retro-cool yellow and teal) I forgot to have a look at their site so thank you for reminding me :)

  7. Zo leuk!! is was gister aan het shoppen in Deventer.... en wat heb ik gekocht... tadaa! wat zijn ze gaaf he!