Collections part two

A while ago I wrote about taking great joy in collecting stuff, and about my boyfriend almost going crazy about my hoarding behaviour. Well, compared to the collection I'm about to show you today, my interior book collection is nothing :)!

My deer collection is not as big as Kaylah's but still, big enough to walk in to our house and only seeing deer deer deer! Prepare to get photobommed!

The Bedroom:
I didn't feel like putting all deer together, too much work ;), so I just photographed the deer where they are.

The Livingroom #1:
The deer came from various places, some from thrift stores, some from ebay or webshops. But most of them, I think, were given to me by family and friends :).

More? Yes!
The Livingroom #2:
Some deer didn't make the pictures, because our house is so small I don't even know where to put them any more. It's crazy, I know, but I won't stop, no I won't :D!

I hope you enjoyed the little peek in my deer collection! For more pictures see my deer flickr set.


  1. Wat ontzettend leuk al die lieve hertjes!

  2. Oh Nikki, geweldig!
    Het is zo'n prachtig dier, de ansichtkaart
    en de plastic Bambi's heb ik ook, zó schattig.
    Verder zie ik meer (bijna) dezelfde dingen,
    zoals de origamiblaadjes en de krans in dezelfde
    Wauw, wat een superinterieur.
    Mocht ik ooit een 'hertending' wegdoen, denk ik eerst aan jou....

  3. I can't get enough of these pictures, i'm heading over to your flickr! x

  4. Ge-wel-dig! :) love it!

  5. Aaahh...echt super cute! Je retro en je pip behang vind ik ook geweldig!


  6. :) skattig! Mijn favoriete hert zie je hier:

  7. OMG I love it hehe MORE DEER haha :P

  8. ohmygoodness! I am so jealous!! I absolutely love deer and deer figurines! I'm doing my son's nursery in a woodland animal theme but mostly I just want to showcase adorable deer! I've been scouring flea markets, thrift & antique stores etc. to find some but I haven't had much luck so far! What a wonderful collection you have!