Send a Smile

I've been having a lot of fun designing postcards!
It's sort of addicting. I wish I had a graphic design
or photography education so I could make even prettier
cards. I used my vintage figurines as theme for the cards.
If you'd like to send one of these or one of my other
designs to a special someone, go to my card shop.
Prices vary from €1,39 to €5,49 {without stamp}
and if you order before 16.00pm, the card will be
shipped the next day :)! Meanwhile I'll keep working
on new designs, it's so much fun!


  1. Love 'em! En je hebt geen opleiding nodig, joh! Ze zien er nu al super uit. ;)
    En inderdaad; het IS verslavend! :O

    Succes verder!!

  2. Schattig hoor! Ik zal eens een kijkje in je shop wagen!

  3. Ik vindt ze harststikke leuk! Fijn met een vintage touch... you go girl!

  4. Super cute:o)
    Looking forward to see more:o)