Collections part one

Something I take great joy in, is collecting stuff.
My boyfriend is almost going crazy about my hoarding
behaviour, stuffing our house full with useless junk,
but it just makes me feel so good! I think part of it
comes from being at home a lot and having to much
time for these kind of addictions, because that's almost
what they are. I'm working on being less at home and
hopefully my hoarding addiction gets a little more in the
background in the future. But for now, let's enjoy it
while I still can, teehee! I'm currently in a book phase,
mostly interior books, but I also love craft books and
old children's books with pretty vintage illustrations.
I recently bought a load of old 'pixi' books, I think
they are named 'Junior elf' books in English. I'm
still waiting for them to come in, and I can't wait
to see what beauty they hold inside of them!
I'm thinking of featuring one of my collections
every week, wouldn't that be fun? I would love
to see your collections ;)!


  1. im the same I drive my hubs crazy :)

  2. Hmmm.. This is very recognizable.. ;) Haha! I have the same problem! But my excuse is; 'Oh, I can make something with this!' or 'I will sell this on a market, I'm sure I do!' .. And the boxes, bags, suitcases full of stuff keep piling up.. :D Woot!

  3. I have that exact same problem, well I wouldn't call it a problem, I think collecting is just a form of hobby ;) hehe. If you enjoy it, do it, because you love it :)

  4. Collecting is too much fun to give up!! I've got this crazy friend that's just like me and together we go to thriftstores or flea markets, almost weekly!!
    Here's my list of things i collect :wooden dolls, old pencils, teapots, cute vintage mugs, wooden spools, vintage books (mostly child books), old postcards & i'm sure i'm forgetting some right now... hihi
    Oh, don't worry about your bf! Mine is going nuts sometimes too with me filling all our cabinets with the old stuff :)
    Here are some of my teapots!!

  5. Ik herken er aardig wat van mijn eigenste boekverslaving. Bazaarstijl is van jouw rijtje nog steeds mijn favoriet. Maar absolute toppers zijn toch ├ęcht wel de Paumes Books. Ik heb ze bijna allemaal en blader er dagelijks in. Met een heel gelukkig hart.

  6. yes, they are called "junior elf" books in english if we're thinking of the same series (with a small elf in green pants and point hat?)

  7. I don't officially 'collect' anything, but I do have lots of these addictions. I just turned them into a recurring item on my blog, calling it 'Ik houd van...'.
    Oh, and by the way, there is no such thing as collecting books, that is called 'working on you library' and it's a very sophisticated thing to do. :)