This week

This week began with my last weekly
quote in mind, 'Never let yesterdays
disappointments overshadow tomorrows dreams'...
I believe it helped because I had a much better 
week than the week before :), I love that!
Tuesday I went swimming with friends. 
I wore one of my vintage bathing suits 
I bought on Etsy ages ago. It was perfect and
I felt very pwetty. It looks more like a little dress
but it has pants underneath, perfect actually :)!

That evening I put up the christmas tree,
unfortunately it became the kitties target number one.
Every morning I have to check the damage done;
the bottom layer of ornaments completely stripped
and shattered through the room {luckily I only have
soft ornaments so nothing breaks}. I can't blame
them really, it's just a too alluring game for them :).
I hope the Christmas present I bought for them
will help distract them from the tree;
a huge hollow barrel covered with sisal for
their nails and holes to crawl in and hide :)!

On Friday, my dearest friends and I celebrated
'Sinterklaas' with a game and loooots of presents!
Everyone cooked or baked food so we stuffed ourselves
pretty good and it was fun to see how different
the presents were we bought for each other.
I scored super cute deer Christmas ornaments
{like I didn't have enough of those :p}, a cheese
grater that looks like a mouse, red polka dot
baking cases, a cute tape dispenser, magnificently
designed Alice in Wonderland playing cards :) and
a cute retro-ish make up bag.
We had a sleep over and played the game
'Would you rather' {sleep with Johnny Depp or 
Brad Pitt, and more of those life altering questions ;),
I picked Johnny by the way}.

Saturday, my friend Ghislaine had her birthday
party, so again I hung out with friends all
night, I'm always feeling so much better after
being with friends and I'm so lucky with my
little group of the sweetest people ever!
Ghislaine likes unicorns so this was part
of her present:

I did do something naughty this week too...
I bought 3 interior books I've been wanting
soooo bad but didn't really have money for,
so now I have to hand them in as Christmas
presents {for myself of course} which is fine by
me cause I totally adore them!

And so today is Sunday, I'm being lazy
and I'm going to search my new weekly
quote. Tomorrow is a new week and
I plan on making it fabulous. I hope yours
will be as well :).


  1. your swimsuit is so cute! I was wondering, in dutch is Santa called Sinta? Because the other day me and my boyfriend were thrifting and he picked up a xmas themed ornamant and said "Look, it's Sinta!" Hehe... I want to get my cat a tree too! She jumps up on the tree very night to snatch a paper mache hermit ornament. So far I have decorated with vintage elves, forest creatures, and mushrooms! I would like to send you a holiday card and small gift, can you e-mail me your address?

  2. Wow Nikki, je gaat mijn huis wel vaak tegenkomen in je boekenkast straks zeg! ;) Leuk hoor!
    Enne... het Frankie boek is echt prachtig, nog veel mooier dan ik dacht! Ik heb het twee weken geleden ofzo ontvangen, en het is echt zo'n mooi groot dik boek, vol met prachtige huizen en ateliers. Ik dacht dat het wat meer 'tijdschriftachtig' zou zijn, maar het is echt een behoorlijk serieus koffietafelboek. Je krijgt er vast geen spijt van!
    (en dat boek detaljer ben ik ook super benieuwd naar, plaats je straks een paar foto'tjes? ;))

  3. Sinterklaas!!
    Mijn Oma + Opa had een paketje voor mij in de mail gestuurd voor Sinterklaas! (I hope my dutch wasn't that bad!!).
    Btw, I'll be visiting Holland next year in June/July and was wondering if you could email me some places to go? Maybe some pretty vintage shops etc? My email is:


  4. @Ariel, aww so sweet! I mailed you and insist that I'm sending something to you as well :)!

    @Nina, hihi ja echt grappig! Maar ik ben dan ook fan van je huis, dus dat is helemaal niet erg, hihi! Ik zal foto's plaatsen :)!

    @Bella, wauw, knap hoor :)! Your Dutch is great! Where will you be staying? Would you like places in a specific city? I'll see what I can come up with :)!

    Thanks girls!

  5. Ha Nikki, wat goed dat je fijne kerstcadeaus voor jezelf hebt gekocht! Mag ik vragen waar je 'Nederland, mijn interieur' hebt gekocht? Kwil 'm ook graag, maar kan 'm nergens vinden... Dank & Liefs

  6. Dank lieve Nikki, dankzij jou gevonden op ebay!

  7. Hey Nikki!
    Leuke blog heb je :)
    Vraagje, ik ben al een tijdje op zoek naar het Zweedse boek 'Details at Home' (Detaljer) maar kan het hier (Belgiƫ) nergens vinden.
    Mag ik vragen waar jij het vond?
    Alvast bedankt!
    Liefs, Sylvie