If you feel cheery and want to stay cheery,
maybe you should not read this self pity post.
I feel everything but cheery at the moment :(.
I'm rarely sick, but yesterday night was a horrible
one with lots of visits to the toilet and lots of
pain in the stomach. Can you believe the timing?
I don't even like new year's eve. I hate fireworks.
Every year I try to make best out of it, being
really emotional and missing my family and
feeling the weight of the world. And this year
I just have to be ill as well. It s-u-c-k-s!
I understand this might not be a pleasant post
for you guys to read but I must say, it really
lifts some weight of my shoulders blabbing it all
out like this. Nonetheless I hope 2011 will be
a good year. For me, and all of you ♡


  1. Bumblebee,

    it'll all be all right.
    Don't let yourself get yourself so so down.
    It's really unpleasant to be ill at holidays, even though you detest this one in particular.
    See it as another saturdaynight, get yourself a bit comfy on the couch surrounded by your little kitties and Joor and be sick and ill and most important one of all, get better. Give the weight of the world back to Atlas, it's his job, he was a bad bad boy for deserving that punishment. I can't think of ANY THING which would make you deserve that same punishment. The world will be the world. As long as your own universe is still in balance, no worries. Just think a little bit more like I do: step 1: Is this my problem? if No step 1.b. move on to greater things. Help out if you can but don't let it get you down. IF Yes to step 1 there's step 2. What can I do about it? if the answer to this is "very little" or "nothing right now" just let it be. Really. Time will solve more than you might think some times :).

    I luuuuv you weirdiedeardeeriecrazy girlie :)

  2. Hi.. I'm a new reader to your blog..

    Anyway, I just wanted to say that I too am feeling rubbish because I'm spending New Years in on my own because I'm sick too. But it's the second year in a row for me, I had tonsilitis last year and had to stay in alone! It pretty much sucks, but I'm going to watch my favourite films and make the most of the peace :) I'm not really a fan of New Year anyway, it's just another night right?

    I hope you feel better and don't let the evening get you down. There's still 365 days to make it a Happy Year!

  3. ((hugs)) hope you feel better soon! I'm no big fan of new years eve either, and I have 2 poorly children tonight, so I think we'll be tucked up long before midnight!

  4. Oh deery!
    I hope you get better real soon!

  5. this is so sweet, it really helps me! ♥

  6. Self pity posts are sometimes necessary too :) I hope you feel better by now and I wish you all the best for this new year!

  7. I know I'm abit late to this post, but I just wanted to say that I hope you are felling better now. I never celebrate New years eve, i am not a fan atall, as far as I'm concerned it's the same as every other night but with annoying fireworks and overly drunk people. I sympathise with you alot as I was ill over Christmas and it kind of sucked. But as much as Im anti new years eve I do wish you a very very happy 2011. :) <3