3 Christmas days

Hello dear blog readers,
how was your Christmas?
I'm sorry for my absence the last couple of days,
I've been feeling ill, like I crossed my own boundaries 
a little to much... I did have 3 lovely Christmas days!
The first one in The Hague with my family, the second
one here with Joris's family and though I know there is
technically no third, two days just doesn't seem enough
so on the 'third Christmas day' friends and I joined in eating
everyone's left overs. I must have gained a lot of pounds ;).
I also gained a lot of presents :p, oh, how I love presents!
Shall I show some?

A lot of interior books ♡ 
And a deer that came all the way
from Singapore. It was send to me by
Vivian, a lovely lady!

My amazing mom collected a lot of deer
for me on every flea market she attended
in the past few months. These are my favourites!

My little brother drew the prettiest rainbow
for me :). My big brother bought the deer tin
and adorable key caps! The nesting doll box
came with 4 larger ones and was given to me
by Therese. I'm spoiled right?

And here is another gift from my mom I adore!
Isn't it just so wrong it's right?
I love it, I'm currently searching for a spot
on the living room wall to hang him.

I couldn't be more happy with my presents!
I'll be back tomorrow on the {can you believe it?}
last day of the year 2010!


  1. Happy New Year! ^o^
    What an awesome bunch of gifts, so much cuteness~

  2. Ahhh, wat ben jij verwend met superschattige spulletjes! 'Het heerst' zooo, ik ben ook bijna 2 weken ziek geweest, niet normaal meer! Maar morgen lekker gezond het nieuwe jaar in ;)

  3. what awesome, colorful and happy gifts. looks like we both love deer :) Your wallpaper is very cute too. The clock would be esp. appropriate if you were a capricorn

  4. Oh zo heerlijk al die mooie cadeautjes. Zo lief dat je al die hertjes ook hebt gekregen! Ze zijn geweldig! Ik kan het ook niet geloven dat 2010 alweer bijna om is..... aaaah! De tijd gaat te snel! Ziek nog maar even goed uit voordat morgenavond het vuurwerk de lucht in knalt. Hoe doen jullie dat met de katten trouwens? 't Is onze Chico's eerste nieuwjaar bij ons en ze reageert nu al schrikkerig op de kleine knalletjes die ze buiten hoort.

  5. super cute blog! hope u had a good xmas
    feel free to follow xo

  6. Oh geweldig vooral de laatste foto!! Wij hebben een fout plastic geval maar dan een hertekop met barometer. Hangt in de kamer van zoonlief... dat is ook de plek waar ik alles stouw wat ik aan kitsch kan vinden haha... handig hoor zo'n afschuifplek. "nee hoor, dat is niet voor mezelf" haha Leuke cadeautjes weer.

  7. Merry Christmas! You got so much stuff!
    I'm going to Holland in June/July next year and was wondering if you could post a comment on my blog saying some cute shops to go to etc? Thanks, Bella

  8. Super cute gifts! I got that same deer tin and also some deer from my mum too! how cool! :) Glad you had a good Christmas! :)

  9. Really spoiled! Great gifts. That has to make you feel better..
    Fijne jaarwisseling en het allerbeste voor 2011!