Tutorial Tuesday

Amy Karol :) !

You may already know her, from her
'bend the rules' books or her super
fun blog. But did you know about her
awesome and free tutorials as well?
She even has video tutorials on youtube,
I mean how amazing right?

And the best has yet to come;
I am a hard core skirt girl, I maybe
have 2 trousers in my possession which
rarely see daylight :p. A cute skirt 
in the style I like is hard to come by
so I tried to make one myself once.
It worked out fine, but it was a lot
of work though! And you know me, 
I just like easy peasy!

So when I found this 5 minute skirt
tutorial from Amy I was ecstatic!!!
I still have to give it a try but I'm
sure it will be much more fun than
my first skirt.

Check out all of Amy's free tutorials
{and recipes} right here!

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