* Polaroid *

A while ago I bought a polaroid
onestep 600 camera on Etsy.
I had been craving a polaroid camera
for a long time and this was at a wonderful
price, so I gave in :). I waited for it to get
in to the mail, and inspected it a little. Everything
looked good as far as I could tell so I ordered film
from the impossible project , expensive but at
a lower risk than expired film from ebay.
So this week my film came in as well!
And I tried it out! And I luuuuve it!

As you can see something went a little
wrong with the top left corners of the
pictures, but I don't even care :)!
I can't wait to buy more and different
types of film and experiment like crazy!


  1. I awarded you the One Lovely Blog award!
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  2. Is dat nog te krijgen dan die film? Ik heb een tijdje geleden ook een paar oude polaroidcamera's gekocht, maar inderdaad: alleen veel te dure film op Ebay die over de datum is, zo jammer!