Dresses from Berlin

Last Sunday I really felt a
little dress up mood, so I went for it!
I posed and posed for my patient boyfriend
in the new vintage dresses that I bought in Berlin!
Ready to see the result :)?

I really love this dress, it fits like it
was made for me and I adore the colours
and cute vibe it has. This dress, it's just completely me.
I invision myself wearing it on a warm spring day
walking through a flowery field.
In my hand is a very old Deer softie 
I bought in Berlin as well.

This is going to make a very lovely summer dress!
I love pink! And I love that my tattoo
is visible when I'm wearing it!
The vintage cowboy boots were
also bought in Berlin!

Oh, I love this one so much!
It has such a cute flowery pattern and
I love that is is sort of a blouse - dress!
I think I might wear this with a cute cardigan
and tights as well with this weather!

I'm just adoring the colour of this one, I have
lot's of things in this colour. The tiny dots are
so cute as well and the fabric is incredibly silky soft.
I think this dress is a 'party with my friends' dress,
it's so comfy I could chill in it but also dance in it :)!

And last but not least! Pink pink pink!
This feels to me like a dress I would wear
to a dinner party with chic accessories and
a cute little hand pouch and lot's of glitter
and glamour and curly hair. Yes I can totally
see it... :)

Which one do you like the most?
And what do you 'see' when you look
at these dresses? Inspire me :)!


  1. Schitterende jurken!!! Helemaal niet jaloers ;-)


  2. Gee ! You're looking great in everydress but I guess I prefer the one where you wera the butterfly belt. You could sing a 40's bluegrass song in this dress ! Terrific finds !

  3. I love the first two dresses!! The others are great too but these really bring out your skincolour (or the lack of it, don't worry, I'm pale too.. ;) and they fit you so well! I am jealous!

  4. beautiful dresses, Nikki! do i really have to choose? okay, well, i'm gonna go with #1,3,5.

  5. ik vind de eerste twee de mooiste, waar heb je die gehaald zeg???

  6. oooh i love the first dress!
    i would wear it too! ---- i mean if I had it it would be my favourite dress in my wardrobe!

  7. Hey Nikki, good catch! What I think of them when you wear them? Definately love number 1 and 2 the most :-).
    Love, Maaike

  8. Wat zijn ze leuk! En zo stoer dat je ze aan durft. Ik ben altijd bang dat ik er uit zie als een theedoek in zulke jurken, maar bij anderen staan ze altijd geweldig eigenzinnig. Ik vind de bovenste het ALLERleukst.

  9. Hier ook een voorkeur voor de eerste twee! En ook een beetje jaloers dat je ze gewoon aantrekt, daar heb ik het lef niet voor, ben (net als mijn voorgangster) altijd bang dat het me niet staat...Ze staan jou super!!
    Ook leuk om een keer foto's van je te zien :)

  10. Your dresses are adorable!!!! Especially the fourth one, love!

  11. I love all your dresses, and get inspired by the stories behind them. When i find a special dress at a thrift shop, I wonder about it's life, the previous owners and what it's made for. And I love that cute lil kinck knack you're holding in the second to last picture!

  12. first one is to die for! and the deer!