Today in Pictures

A little bit of today in pictures.
Me and friends went to a museum in
Barneveld where they had an Alice
in Wonderland exhibition.
I took my little vistaquest camera
with me again!

Part of our transport was the bus:

The museum was near Barneveld's church.
History tells, that Jan van Schaffelaar
jumped off that church to save his people.

A statue of him is on the public square
near the church. A lot of things in
Barneveld are named after him!
But, we came of course, to see

Here are my friends, in front of the 
teeny tiny museum :)!

The exhibition was small, but
very cute. They had so many
Alice in Wonderland books!
I took some pictures inside with
my Nikon. I'll show them later ;).


  1. alice in wonderland museum!??!! i wish i could've been there with you -- how fun! can't wait to see more pics. :)

  2. Wat leuk zeg, ik wist niet dat ze daar zo'n museum hadden. Erg leuk, 'k zag net de foto's van de trip op je hyves. Dat grote boek is ook super! Voel je je net weer een klein kind of niet? ^_^ fijn weekend!
    Oh ja, en komende week ga je toch naar Berlijn? Alvast heel veel plezier! Ze hebben daar vast ook wel leuke kringloopwinkels :)

  3. OMGOSH I can't believe there's an Alice In Wonderland Museum!!! That's brilliant!!!

    Lovely photos :)