Photo shoot ready {almost} :)

Tomorrow Jeltje from 'Yes' magazine is coming
to photograph my home! I'm almost done, the
finishing touch will happen tomorrow morning and
cleaning the house now will be useless seeing as
there will be cat hairs all over the place again
tomorrow :). So I have an early start tomorrow
to clean up the last things and I even arranged for
a cleaning lady to come help me ;)!
O my god, you must think my house is really dirty
right now :p, but I just want everything to be perfect!
As for the cleaning lady, she visits our home every
month anyway so her coming in tomorrow morning just
happened to be perfect.

The only thing not perfect is me having spots on my
face, I hate it! Never ever do I have those {okay well
sometimes} but they just had to show themselves the
day before the photo shoot :(! And of course I couldn't
keep my hands off them making them worse in the process,
arrrggghh, I hope they will photoshop them out :p.

Ready for the last peek? It's my bedroom and a new pillow

I've made <3


  1. Geniet vooral van de photo shoot! Het zal een prachtige reportage worden hoor!!

    Saskia :)

  2. That is so exiting! From the bits I have seen on your blog I bet your house looks amazing! (how I'd like mine to look if I didn't live in a scruffy rented house with four smelly boys! hehe) I would love to see the finished article, will you post it when it's in the magazine. :)
    xx Beth

  3. Heel veel plezier morgen en laat gauw het resultaat zien!!!!


  4. Ziet er super uit! Ben heel benieuwd naar het resultaat! Weet je al wanneer je ongeveer in de Yes zult staan? Liefs :)

  5. So far, so good! Ik ben zeer benieuwd naar de reportage

  6. that wallpaper is gorgeous! so jealous your room looks so cute!

  7. I love your yarn wreath. I really want to make one :)