I've been wanting to write about
Ingrid for a while.
I stumbled upon her blog some time ago
immediately falling in love with her
eye for really pretty things.
Mostly vintage and retro, and
I really really ♥ that!
Her flickr photostream is dreamy.

Last week I participated in a cute 
vintage fabric giveaway at her
blog, and guess what? I was one
of the lucky winners :)!
The package arrived yesterday
and was so lovely!

The fabric with cute cards

 And 3 gorgeous cranes

I all recommend you to
to visit Ingthings!


  1. Ow...ik ben ook een grote fan...
    haar blog is echt elke keer weer een feestje.
    fijne zondag!

  2. Leuk, ik vind haar blog ook erg tof! Wat gaaf dat je een giveaway hebt gewonnen, leuk stofje!

  3. i love the origamis!!

    I am doing a giveaway and if you have time you can enter!1

    have a mice day

  4. Hi Nikki, wat ontzettend lief van je ik heb gewoon blozende wangen van al die complimenten, Dank Je Wel! -x-

  5. You are so lucky for winning this giveaway, so many cute things!