Fabric Bows

I've been making some fabric bows,
It's easy and the result is fun :)!
This is my favourite!

You can find a nice sewing pattern here,
but I'm sure there are some free tutorials
as well, just google :)!


  1. It's cute!! I also love the card ;)

  2. Oh yes, the card is pretty right? I love it as well. It was made by a very talented girl named Lisette ;)!

  3. I love bows~! thank you so much for the tutorial :3

    I'll follow you, your blog is really cute & nice!

  4. Lovely bow!!! I think it would make a very kawaii hair bow. I love the cherubic gal on that board-looking object in the 2nd pic. What exactly is that?

    I was scrolling tru your very sweet and colourful site. You have cats? Lovely! I love cats. I used to own one highly intelligent and absolutely cute cat (don't all owners say that? haha) but she was called home in 2007. Haven't owned one since coz no cats could replace her.

    Anyway, I'm saving your site! Having some problem with the following widget.

  5. it´s so cute! i love it!
    have a beautiful weekend! ♥

  6. Hee!

    Great blog!Great pictures!
    Placed you button on my blog!

    Good luck!

    Will visit your blog soon again!