Cute Shop {of the week?}

I found this adorable shop on Etsy!
Sara Carr is her name, and she
knits and knits!
Everything is from this super
soft looking lambswool and
I love the bright colours and
playful look. See for yourself:

Lovely right? Just had to share this
with you! Visit her shop here.
By the way, would you like
it if I feature a cute shop every week?
I spend so much time strolling the internet
running in to so much cuteness I love
to share :)! And you may always mail
me if you want your cute shop to
be featured, I can't promise anything
but who knows ;)!
Enjoy your Saturday evening and
have a lovely Sunday!


  1. yes yes yes!
    show a different cute shop every week PLEASE!
    That would be so cool!

  2. ooooo, wat mooi!!! En wat fijntjes gemaakt allemaal!! Eentje voor in het favorietenlijstje ;) En wat is je nieuwe layout heerlijk fris en mooi!