Where oh where did my design go?
For those of you wondering, it's gone! But you probably
already noticed that right? I've been wanting to make changes
for like EVER! Not because I didn't like my old design,
but because I think I can do better ;).
Yeah I know, it doesn't look like much now, this is probably
an in between stage, just like when you're waiting for
your hair to grow. Always wanting to do even better isn't
the only reason though;
I like designing! I'm impulsive and I want new things very often!
Blogger put in a new template design program with some extras I really
wouldn't mind for my blog, and the final straw for not being able to
wait any longer was Pugly Pixel's eCourse preview.
After watching her video, the change your blog itch was itching
so bad I just didn't think about it any more and got started.
The only thing I forgot to think of, is that I don't even know what
I want yet! And Katrina {Pugly Pixel} said it so clear in the video;
first, sketch! But I didn't, and so now it's a bit of a mess ;).
I hope ya'll hang in there lovely readers, the itch
hasn't left my system yet so I'm not sitting still over here :)!


  1. Leuk waslijntje! ^_^ succes met de 'verbouwing' ;)

  2. hihi, dankje!
    Weet nog niet offie mag blijven...
    Moet er zelf ook nog zo aan wennen :)!

  3. i love what you've done!! love the pink gingham bg and your header is kitschy cute!!!

  4. I love the new design ! Cute kitsch and light : bravo !
    But the "text-align: center" is not very easy to read for my part.